I wanted to thank you for the work you and organisation do to support young children.



On behalf of myself, Grace’s mother and Grace we are delighted with the support that the award will give to to develop her skills further.


We have met with Paul Girdlestone at the weekend and have signed Grace onto the Chesskid website.


Up to now Grace has always found it beneficial for her style of learning to transfer knowledge from literature into a physical game. So she is currently getting to used to playing games and completing the challenges set online. Paul has provided us with information of upcoming competitions and fun days around the Bristol and Wiltshire area and we will be working closely with him to enter Grace into appropriate tournaments.


I will update you in a couple of weeks time with regards to progress. We will be taking great care to ensure the award benefits Grace’s development in the best possible way.


I wanted to also mention how much Grace’s school (Stoke Park Primary, Bristol) has benefited from the support of Paul and your organisation. The number of children that developed an interest in chess last year was fantastic and I would guarantee that any parent of any player and their teacher would say how much of a positive influence this is having. We have also found a real improvement academically for Grace since she has been playing, especially related to her problem solving skills.


Richard Cook (Grace’s father)



I really think that chess in schools has been a huge success in St Teresa's and I hope to continue it for as long as possible. Thank you for all your hard work and support. Can I just mention that Monday afternoons during chess was the only time those Y6 boys were quiet!


Thanks once again,


Marie Kelly, St Teresa's RC Primary School, Essex



Many thanks from Coldfall


Year 3 pupils with the help of their teachers at Coldfall designed and made a large 'thank you' card. It has 90 small cards with the front designed by each child (mainly drawings of the squares of a chess board and some with pieces) by those who did CSC chess this year, with a personal thank you message inside - Kamlesh Karia.


I can only endorse what they’re saying Kamlesh


Ewan Marshall, Deputy Head, Coldfall Primary School


Thank you for inspiring our children to play chess and many congratulations on their achievements. Wishing you and your family a wonderful summer holiday.


Evelyn Davies (Headteacher) and all at Coldfall Primary School



Chess at Combe Down CEVC Primary School 2015-16


Chess has been taught weekly to both Year 3 classes on a Friday afternoon by Ferdo Dizdarevic. At the start of the year, some of the children had had previous experience of playing Chess, others had had none.



Initially, Ferdo taught the classes the classic game. He did this gradually, in very accessible chunks, so that motivation remained very high, and no child was at any stage overwhelmed by too much new information. In the sessions, he created a good balance between input, and the opportunity to put the new information delivered into practice, by actually playing games. The children also completed workbook type activities that really helped to consolidate their understanding.


In the Spring Term, once the children were confident in their game, Ferdo introduced a more competitive edge to the sessions, by setting up an in-class tournament. This allowed the children to hone their skills and develop their strategic and tactical thinking by competing against one another. In addition, it also allowed them to develop their resilience, an essential factor not only in competitive chess playing, but also in every aspect of learning.


Read much more here ...


Amanda Plummer and the Year 3 Team



Peasedown St John Primary School



10.6.16 - I am delighted that Peasedown St John Primary School is in a position to offer chess as part of its curriculum in Year 5 from September 2016, funding permitting.


Ours is a school serving a diverse community, with some high levels of deprivation and disadvantage in very close proximity to the school. Having recently joined the Dragonfly Education Trust, we are seeking to build on a strong track record in curricular enrichment, with a view to offering as broad a range of opportunities to our children as we can. Chess fits very well into this programme.


Damian Knollys, Headteacher


Read the letter in full



Very impressed with the lessons as an introduction to the games for the children. The tutors have been very knowledgeable and have led the sessions well.


Alun Davies, Head Teacher, Queensway Primary School, Leeds



I can confirm that we wish the chess to be continued for the academic year 2016-17. The teachers have fed back that it is brilliant in developing pupils' maths problem solving skills.


Jane McDermid, Headteacher, Greenhill Primary School, Leeds



We were thrilled to become involved with the Chess in Schools and Communities Project over two years ago. I was attracted to the initiative, which was linked to a research project investigating the positive link to attainment in mathematics and chess, as part of our thrust to raise standards in mathematics across our school.


Since our involvement with Chess in Schools as part of School Improvement project, both achievement and progress in maths has risen. Individual tracking of children’s progress has shown that all children make at least good progress and some children with difficulties made more than expected progress.



Kim McCalmont, Headteacher, Stone with Woodford C of E Primary School



My son Reuben has loved having the opportunity to learn and play chess at Links Primary School. Their tutor combines an expert level of chess skills with a passion for the game that is contagious for the children. I have seen Reubens concentration deepen and extend, his confidence grow and he has learned many skills that he is transferring to other parts of his life. The chess has given him an opportunity to enjoy competition, to take risks and to improve his strategic thinking.


Parental Feedback on CSC tutor Vladimir Agasaryan



I'm the class teacher of the year 5 class at St James and just wanted to drop a line to say how amazed I am at the progress that the children have made since September (they are putting me to shame as I am a novice at chess and am not picking things up quite as quickly as they are!) They are very much enjoying the sessions we have had with both Mr Hardy and Mr Glover and are both inspired and enthused by the teachers and are keen to do their best for them.


Claire Stott, Teacher, St James' CE Primary School, Ashton Under Lyne



Feedback on CSC Tutor Sam from Helen P, one of the class teachers: Sam's lessons are engaging and he relates really well with the children. Chess is very popular once again!


Karen Loney, KS2 Deputy Headteacher, Whingate Primary School, Leeds



I would just like to give some brief regarding our new chess tutor, John Wrench, and the impact he is having in school.


Every week up to 80 pupils are receiving tuition in chess, either through classroom sessions or at our over-subscribed after school club. We have only been up and running for a few weeks but the feedback from pupils, staff and parents has been overwhelmingly positive. I am very pleased that we chose to introduce chess into school and have been very impressed by our tutor’s professionalism and approach.




Lawrence Gittins, Headteacher, St John's CE Primary School, Kidderminster



Hi Malcolm,


I just wanted to feedback how over the moon we are with the outcome of the chess tournament last week. It means such a lot to us as a school to have a medal outcome - such a powerful message, and a first for us!


Thank you so much (and of course to Peter) for your continued commitment to us. We really do appreciate it!


With best wishes,





'I’m pleased to confirm that we would like to continue with the Chess in Schools programme. We are delighted with the high quality coaching our children receive from Mr Karia.


In addition, his involvement with the children at our school extends far wider than just this programme and we are grateful to him for that. He is a real advocate for chess in the local area and I recognise how lucky we are to have him.'


Ewan Marshall, Deputy Head Coldfall Primary School



'Roman Ismailov - Children have really made so much progress. It was very evident in the more able children who thrived with the strategy aspect of the game but also very encouraging to see how the least able children in the class became more and more focused as the sessions progressed. They are now more able to focus and retain key information.


For all of them, it has boosted their thinking skills and made them more strategic about how they approach problem solving in all areas of the curriculum, not only during the chess lesson.


For this reason a very big thank you from all of us in Year 2'.


Natalia Debernardis, KS1 Phase leader English leader, St. Francis' Catholic Primary School





'Yes to Chess, Liverpool tournament 29 June 2015 - I cannot express how amazing I thought today was. So well organised, when I walked in to St Georges Hall and all these children had the same concentration on their faces, you could hear a pin drop, was such a 'wow' feeling.


Faye won 4 out of her 5 games and when her team came 2nd, I cried. All the children did so well and were so well behaved - well done you and your team. I was honoured to be a part of it, feeling so proud.


Parent and helper



'Paul McKeown - Paul’s expert advice and enthusiasm enabled the successful implementation of Chess in the year 7 curriculum.


The support provided to teachers was invaluable and helped the smooth running of chess at Burlington Danes Academy. Paul was professional at all times and his relationships with both teachers and students was excellent.


Paul’s support on behalf of CSC included:


  • Providing resources to support the setup of the chess curriculum e.g. lesson plans, interactive presentations, chess materials

  • Team teaching with year 7 maths teachers on a weekly basis

  • Organising support and resources to facilitate a year 7 chess competition. Extra staff from CSC attended this competition.

  • Providing prizes for the annual chess competition

  • Email and website support for teachers in charge of Chess'


Debbie Goodwin, Executive Assistant to Dame Sally Coates, Director of Secondary Academies (South)



'In my opinion, since the introduction of chess at Gwaunfarren, initially during breakfast club, the behaviour and concentration of the children has improved significantly. Now it is timetabled into lessons, more children are involved, it is having a profound effect on the dynamics of the class. It has had a positive impact on pupils' self esteem and well-being as well as their thinking skills, reasoning and oracy development. They are totally engaged and play the game at every opportunity now.'


'It is wonderful to watch them teaching others using the BIG outdoor chess set. Thanks to Stephens and George (Helen Hughes and Sarah Kett ) for giving our children the opportunity to acquire and develop these life skills.'


Louise Bibby, Head of Gwaunfarren School



'Inspectors were extremely impressed by [students at Bradford Central PRU's] attitudes when observing the weekly chess sessions, where all students spend up to an hour learning and playing chess with each other and staff. These are special moments and contribute hugely to students’ social development.'


'Outstanding' Ofsted report for Bradford Central Pupil Referral Unit, February 2015.



Dear Malcolm (The Chess Champion!),


We would like to thank you for giving your time at Reedley Primary School.


You came in to teach us how to play chess successfully.






larger images in PDF


First you taught us all the different names for each piece on the chess board and what they were worth (points). Next we would like to thank you for teaching us the different strategies in order to defeat our opponent. These included the Hippopotamus which some of us have used in our Chess Club.


To help us play fairly at Chess Club, which runs on Thursday after school, you taught us the rules and game of chess. The Chess Club members have even shared their skills of playing chess to others during wet playtimes!


Kind regards, Famous Fours

Year 4 at Reedley Primary School



"Martin is a looked after child who had been moved about round several foster carers when he came to us in Year 4. He instantly took to chess, discovered he was quite good at it and he took off from that moment. He also moved to a new carer who embraced the chess, takes him to chess club, up to your tournaments and pays for him to come to chess club here. He was quite a handful up until that time - maybe we saved a child's life"


David Hardy, CSC Manchester Co-ordinator



"The pupils are absolutely delighted with the outdoor chess set. They have already utilised the skills that they have acquired from the chess in breakfast club and are applying them outdoors, enabling them to work in pairs and discuss moves collaboratively. It is a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to develop their literacy and thinking skills in the outdoor environment. At the same time it is impacting positively on their wellbeing, as they are also having fun!"




Mrs. Bibby, Head of Gwaunfarren School



"Dear Sir, I am writing to say how delighted we have been with our involvement with Chess in Schools this year. Mr Wandowicz has been an inspiration to all our pupils and the simultaneous match he played on the last day of term was extremely enjoyable.


Our players ranged in age from 7 years to 11 years old, and this has had a huge impact on self-esteem, self-control and confidence. One of our year 6 pupils has improved by a whole level in Maths and this is, in part, down to increased confidence.


We put together 2 teams to play against other local schools. We were thrilled to come 1st and 3rd in the tournament and are looking forward to more involvement with yourselves next year."


Helen Anderson, Head Teacher, Coaley C of E (Controlled) Primary School, Gloucestershire



"Can I take this opportunity to say what a wonderful experience having Anu as a Chess in Schools tutor in our school has been. All of the children have enjoyed the lessons and many of them can now play very good games indeed. On Wednesday night it was our parents' evening and two of the parents explicitly took the time to thank me for their child learning chess. They should have been thank you and Anu. On their behalf and on my behalf, thank you so much".


Duncan Morrison, Deptford Park Primary School, Southwark



"We should be doing whatever we can to encourage children to take up chess. It teaches them great skills: a desire to compete, to think ahead, to be patient and to learn from one's mistakes. I was delighted to visit the Fulham Junior Chess Club, not least as it is hosted by the Brunswick Club, where I am a trustee. Good luck to Paul McKeown and all his team".


The Rt Hon Greg Hands MP, Member of Parliament for Chelsea & Fulham



"I wanted to let you know that the chess that Peter Mant is teaching our children in year five has had and is continuing to have an amazing impact on their learning (particularly in maths) and their team work skills, maturity and approach to problem solving."


"As a school we would love to continue this project next year."


Vicki Reeves, Year 5 Teacher.



"Children of all abilities and backgrounds have been given the opportunity to learn to play chess; an opportunity that not all children might have had. They are highly motivated and from the outset both their concentration levels and their reasoning skills have been enhanced. This experience will certainly continue to impact on the children and make lifelong learning a reality."


Mrs Elizabeth Owen, Head Teacher, Ysgol Y Graig Primary School




"On average 50 pupils attend Breakfast club at Gwaunfarren Primary School. Since chess has been introduced to the pupils, it has had a positive impact on their interpersonal skills. The pupils are totally engaged; they are interacting with each other and are discussing aspects of the game."


"This is impacting positively on their oracy, thinking and reasoning skills. It has been an absolute joy to observe the pupils making decisions with reasons and thinking strategically, whilst having fun. Behaviour has improved and we hope to develop this further as an after school club, in order to involve more pupils."


Louise Bibby, Head Teacher, Gwaunfarren Primary School


And from pupils:-


"I didn’t like chess before, but now I know what to do I love it!" -  Lewys James Year 3


"It is fun because you get to play with your friends and it is really enjoyable" -  Lili Hughes Year 3


“I like playing with Lewys as he is my friend. I could play it before so it is giving me a chance to practice” - Jack McCarthy


"I like playing chess because it is a new experience" -  Macie Thomas Year 3


"It makes breakfast club more fun and lets me discuss the moves with my friends” -  Marcio Alves, Year 5


"Great pastime/not boring - it keeps you interested as it is competitive/interact with other people/you need a good strategy/expands your imagination" -  Year 5/6


"It is fun and you get to verse people" -  Caitlin McCarthy, Year 4/5


"It is more of a strategy game and you never know what your opponent is going to do next" -  Kian Lewis, Year 4/5


"Because I am currently unbeatable!” -  Adam Cook, Year 4/5


"Competitive – it gets you thinking. I enjoy a challenge" -  James Cummings, Year 4/5


“Really good fun and it is nice to have a new game to focus on" -  Katie Jones, Year 3


"You can have food, then have a game of chess and make new friends as you are playing, which is really good fun" - Bleddyn Pulman, Year 3


"Breakfast club is much better now that we have chess as even if the weather is bad we can still play it" -  Josh Edwards, Year 6


"It improves your thinking skills as you have to think about your moves and what your partner might be thinking" - Jamie Thomas/ Thomas Moran, Year 6


"It helps you with your coordination in Maths and also helps you make new friends at the same time" - Teigan Hughes/Connor price, Year 6


"It improves your mathematical language" - Thomas Moran, Year 6


"It is good to see the younger pupils taking part and engaging with the older pupils. It will help them improve their maths skills and will build their confidence" - Jamie Thomas, Year 6


"I really enjoy playing with Bobby and Ellie as it helps us work out problems and I have helped Bobby learn how to play" - Evan Reid, Year 2



"Last week’s session went very well thank you. I was surprised at the level of engagement the students demonstrated. All had a basic knowledge of chess and were eager to answer questions when asked.


It’s great to see first-hand the impact Yes2Chess has made. I feel if others saw this they would not see volunteering for Y2C as just another tick in the box. The initiative really does make a difference to young lives."


Hiren Surti, Barclaycard Volunteer Northampton.



Dear both,


Just a word to tell you that the kids from St. Paul’s and I had the most wonderful day yesterday The organisation and the variety was excellent and your people invariably courteous and facilitatory.


Two anecdotes for you;


  • On the way home on the train, four of my kids read the magazine in the goody bag. Four more of them got the travel sets out and played. The silence was awesome.

  • The mother of one of the kids texted me as follows last night – “Josh had a great day today and it has reignited his interest in chess. At the moment he’s lying on his bed studying chess moves from Kasparov’s book that you bought them 2 years ago!


Thanks Kate



Hi Robert,


Thank you so much for the chess opportunities our children have had recently - not least yesterday! We are delighted!

Best wishes,

Penny Jenner



"Chess in Schools has become an important part of our curriculum enrichment programme at Hambrough both in the Chess Club after school and as a curriculum element. Y3 look forward to their chess afternoon with Zehra, our CSC tutor, as well as their linked homework activities! Children are learning to “think outside the box” as well as applying aspects of learning traditionally linked to Maths.


This new opportunity is engaging and challenging; something completely different to anything that many of our children have previously been exposed to."


Louise Singleton, Headteacher, Hambrough Primary School, London Borough of Ealing.



"The Chess in Schools team has allowed us to extend our enrichment offer. We are now in a position to offer another alternative to the mostly physical sporting and ICT based activities currently on offer during the school day. It has created opportunities for learners to develop gamesmanship, their ability for strategic thinking and concentration skills. It has also enabled us to offer some activities not based on sporting or physical prowess, size or age. The are learners have taken to it holistically look forward to the tutor attending the sessions.


We are currently trying to arrange an inter-PRU Chess tournament between us and the other two PRUs that we are aligned to."


Everol Halliburton, Student Services Manager, Bridge Academy Hammersmith and Fulham Pupil Referral Unit



Alison Williams Headteacher, Craigfelen Primary School - "The children have developed the skills of problem solving and strategic thinking. They enjoy the competitive aspect of the game, but also how to deal with opponents respectfully".



What I enjoy about chess night at St Andrew's Club is seeing young people choose to play chess rather than other club activities. They return each week to play and learn more: how chess pieces move, chess strategy, etc. They really want to learn and win games. Chess seeds planted!


CSC's chess tutor Michael is excellent. His example also teaches the finer points i.e. chess etiquette, sportsmanship. What is equally exciting is the 'cool' kids glancing at the chess area, becoming curious and ultimately learning to play.


Since I contacted Nevil Chan, at Chess in Schools & Communities with a view of bringing chess to St Andrew's Club, the Club has caught the cHeSs BuZz. CSC has embraced us into their chess community and we are truly grateful.


Imaan J. Williams, 1st Watch Coordinator, Neighbourhood Watch Hide Tower Scheme, London.



Cath Harbrow, Headteacher, Bramley St Peter's C of E Primary School - "Chess in Bramley St Peter's has surpassed my expectations. I had thought that our children would learn to play chess and that it would be a great skill for life - being able to forward plan and think beyond what can be seen. However, our children learning chess has enabled them to have self control, they not only enjoy chess but really look forward to when you come along.


It has taught perseverance thinking logically and also taught them how to lose! The class that are learning to play chess has many challenges - some learning, some behaviour and some concerning low self esteem (put together with some children having to learn English as an additional language) - they are not only coping well with learning to play chess but are coping well with the challenges of learning beyond chess.


I am so grateful that our school had the chance to take part in chess in schools that I wish to have this opportunity for the next school that I am going to in September. Thank you once again for everything CSC have achieved with us this year."



Debbie Harris, Headteacher, Bowes Primary School, Enfield - "I just wanted to give you some initial feedback on how the chess is going here at Bowes.


Devina has been coming for two weeks now and she is a massive hit with the children. They are all loving the chess. After the first week's session one child in year 6, who has difficulty concentrating and getting on with her work, was transformed for the afternoon. Her teacher was amazed at the difference. We thought this must be a fluke but after the second session she was the same - working hard all afternoon!! So, all good so far".



Sir Robin Wales, Mayor of Newham - "Chess is another skill that kids can learn. It improves their concentration and we believe it improves their cognitive skills, which we will research. Giving kids opportunities to find the things they enjoy builds their resilience, and that’s what we’re about."



Sir Peter Lampl, Chairman of the Education Endowment Foundation and of the Sutton Trust - "I played chess at school and competed in the under-11 national championships. I believe that through chess I developed important thinking skills. Chess in Schools and Communities’ research project (funded by the Education Endowment Foundation) will test the extent to which a structured approach to teaching chess in schools could improve pupils’ attainment in mathematics and other subjects."



Boris Becker, former World Number One tennis player - "Chess, like tennis, is very strategic. You have to have mental discipline, you have to think ahead. It’s an open end, which I like. In the mornings before tennis matches, I played chess to focus my mind a little bit.


My oldest son plays chess very well; it’s a game we play a lot at home. Chess in Schools and Communities teach at the school my two oldest children go to, and they learn chess as part of their afternoon lessons. It’s wonderful to see youngsters not just being taught mathematics and languages but chess as well. Learning to think strategically and thinking ahead helps you not just with chess, but gives you many steps ahead in life."





Katherine Marshall, John Ruskin Primary School, Southwark, London - "The children at John Ruskin Primary have benefited hugely from learning chess. The tutor from Chess in Schools has been excellent - the lessons are well-planned and resourced, and build very clearly on the previous week's learning.


Chess has helped with their ability to visualise shapes and patterns in maths, as well as to plan clearly and think before acting. It has also supported the development of social skills, helping with their self-esteem and buildng resiliance. Children who achieve at all academic levels, from those who are listed on the special needs register to those on the gifted and talented register, have enjoyed and accessed chess. We are now running a very popular after school chess club too."



Maria Sendonari, Camelot Primary School, Southwark, London - "The children have gained so much from taking part in chess in schools. Their teachers have noticed that they have been quick to pick up on work involving co-ordinates in maths lessons and are applying problem solving skills across different curriculum areas.


The children have learnt that making mistakes is ok because you learn from them and also they have learnt to respect each other and there seems to be a calmer atmosphere in the classroom. The children looked forward to their weekly chess sessions and many of them now play with their parents at home."




Catriona Hale, Pastoral Care Leader, Torriano Junior Sch., Camden - "Year 5 have started a fantastic course learning how to play Chess!


This week, Michael (our Chess teacher) helped us to learn the names of the pieces and we had a go at moving the pawns around the board. Of course there are already Chess experts among us and they have been brilliantly supporting those who are unsure of how to play.


We also learned about how mathematical the game of Chess is. We used counting, coordinates, strategy, addition and subtraction and we are sure there are many more mathematical skills we’ll be calling on in future Chess lessons.


We loved the idea that the queen is the most powerful piece and everyone is protecting the rather weak king!


We learned that: - white always goes first - Chess was invented in India in around the 5th Century - Some of the rules have changed since being introduced to Europe - Pawns can only go forwards - Pawns can only take another piece diagonally - Pawns can move twice on their first move and only once after that. We can’t wait for our next lesson next Friday!"



Sue Ferguson, Headteacher, Ellen Wilkinson Primary Sch., Newham - "Chess is helping our less academic pupils and pushing the more able. I can see clear, measurable correlations between individual pupils' increased academic attainments and their chess performance and improvement."


Ewan Marshall, AHT Coldfall, Haringey - Dear Malcolm, We're delighted with chess in the curriculum. It's wonderful to give children an opportunity to shine. One child, who finds literacy and numeracy a challenge, has shown that he is an excellent chess player. Not only has his self-esteem been raised by this success but his peers now see him as someone to aspire to. I believe his achievements in chess will have a beneficial impact on his schooling as a whole.



Dear Mr Chan,



I would like to say a huge “thank you” to you and to everyone who played a part in organising and running the schools’ event today.


The boys who came last year enjoyed themselves greatly, but I have to say that those who returned this year, as well as my colleague and I, all felt that today was a special event which far surpassed last year.


It was an absolute pleasure to bring young chess players to such a welcoming, well thought out and well organised event; and it was quite clearly a pleasure for the boys to take part. The fact that they came back with a cup obviously helped, but they were all really happy before the prize-giving and the results were announced. The same seemed to be true of the children from the other schools present.


If I might make two specific observations, the organisation of the tournament part of the day was so much smoother with the novel ‘no name’ system; and it was great to have the Classic games underway so that the children could see (although sadly briefly) the GMs at play. It was heartening to have eleven year olds not known for spending long on their moves talking with surprise mingled with admiration rather than scorn about the fact that they had watched Judit for nearly ten minutes without her making a move.


Of course it takes a large team to make the event work, and I hope you will be able to pass on my thanks to them, but to those more “front of house” I would like to say a particular thank you: to Daniel King for taking the time to play a few more moves with the boys in the simul rather than adjudicating when he was told to! To Mr King again, and Chris Ward, for their entertaining (and of course educational) double act; to Malcolm Pein, for today, but also more generally for helping to bring such a great tournament to London chess nuts, young and old(er); and to you for your efficient help both in advance of the tournament…and today with my parking.


With every good wish for the rest of the tournament, and for Christmas,


Matt | King’s College Junior School



Sue Kitchen, Headteacher, Stalyhill Primary School


"The children in the able and talented maths groups have shown a marked improvement in their skills of resilience and perseverance. Their team work has also improved."


"Chess has created opportunities for children to learn together with new friends from other year groups. The Y6 pupils have displayed a real maturity in setting up a club for the younger children."


"Children with self-confidence issues have benefitted from having a “chance to shine” with a new skill."


"Chess in school has been popular with parents who see it as a very valuable experience."


"The opportunity to attend the CSC celebration at the House of Commons and the upcoming tournament to London has been fantastic and an experience to remember for all involved."


"Staff have also taken to chess with over half of the teaching staff either learning how to play or improving their skills alongside the children."




Peter Herbert, Headteacher, Moordown St. Johns Primary School - "Chess has really taken off at Moordown St. Johns since the Chess in Schools project has funded the weekly visits of chess tutors Ian and Eric. Teachers have noticed a broadening of children's thinking skills alongside the excitement and challenge of learning a new game. Some of the children , who are only 6 or 7 years old, have remarked on the face to face contact with 'real' children rather than a screen that the game of chess provides."


Daisy, Pupil Y2, Bournemouth - "I like how the different pieces move, my favourite piece is the queen because it is the most powerful !"


Fay Thompson, Headteacher, Southwark - "Since joining the Chess in Schools programme we have noticed that the children are working more collaboratively. Pupils really enjoy the lessons and they are improving their skills to think more strategically not just during the sessions but in other curriculum areas. The practical nature of chess have also helped several of our SEN pupils to improve their confidence and their willingness to have a go."


Dina Martin OBE, Headteacher, Sheffield - "Learning Chess is helping pupils to plan ahead in logical steps, something they will adopt for the rest of their lives."


Stephen Hall, Southwold and Orchard Executive Head Teacher - "Chess has really taken off at both schools. The game is showing them how to improve their concentration and thinking skills and the children are particularly excited by the prospect of seeing the world’s best players in action at this year’s London Chess Classic. It is fantastic to see our young players so engaged by the game."





Jane Evans, Headteacher, Kitchener Primary School, Cardiff - "We are delighted that CSC introduced chess into our school in September ..." [read more]


Mr Cresswell, Hawthorne Primary School, Cardiff - "I am delighted at the impact the chess sessions are having on the children’s learning ..." [read more]


Lesley Leckie, Headteacher, Trelai Primary School - "We introduced chess to our two year 4 classes at the beginning of Spring term ..." [read more]


Sue Jones, Headteacher St. Paul's Church in Wales Primary School - It is a pleasure to write to you to let you know the difference learning to play chess ... [read more]


Mr Volk, Birchgrove Primary School - "The children love the competitive nature of the sport ..." [read more]


Joan Clanchy, SS Mary and John Primary School - "First, I must record what a real success your lessons in chess have been ..." [read more]


Andy Clowes, Deputy Head Hey with Zion Primary School - "I want to put in print how delighted I am with the impact of chess in our school ..." [read more]


Alison Sharp, Headteacher Ravenscroft Primary School - "This initiative is tremendously powerful in terms of raising our pupils' confidence and aspirations ..." [read more]


Anabela Monteiro - "As a mother of one of these marvellous kids I can assure you that they really do love it ..." [read more]




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