Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get chess lessons and a chess club in my school?

If you want to bring chess to your school, please complete our Join Us form, and our local coordinator will get in touch.


Do you charge for your programme?

We provide some support free of charge to state schools and libraries. This may include chess sets, training on one of our courses and access to our curriculum. There is usually a charge for chess lessons delivered by a CSC tutor, however this is heavily subsidised from charitable funds and any local fundraising.


Have you got a programme that can be delivered by the class teacher alone?

Yes – First Move, originally developed in the USA and adapted for UK schools, uses video lessons reinforced by the class teacher, who does not need to know how to play chess. If a teacher does know how to play chess, they can use our curriculum, a sample of which is here.


Can you help me set up a chess club in my library or youth club?

Yes – we can offer equipment, training and a chess tutor for libraries and other community groups. Please complete our libraries & communities form and we will be in touch.


I am a parent and there is no chess in my child’s school. Can you help?

Yes, in the first instance contact us and we will send you information for the head teacher. The charity will not assist any school without contact with the head teacher.


Do you offer free chess sets? 

We will consider requests from state schools or libraries – please contact us for more information.


Do you teach in private sector schools?

CSC’s charitable objectives require us to teach chess where we can help the socially and economically disadvantaged. Unfortunately, this means we are unable to provide support to the private education sector.


Can you arrange lessons for my child?

We work with schools and community groups, and are unable to teach individuals. The English Chess Federation maintains a list of accredited coaches.


Where is my nearest junior chess club?

Contact details for junior chess clubs can be found on our Junior Clubs page. Alternatively, see the English Chess Federation’s junior club map.


I am a chess tutor from outside the UK, can I use your curriculum?

Yes – please contact us for more information.


What qualifications do you need to be a chess tutor?

You don’t need to be a Grandmaster to teach chess to children. Although you will need basic chess knowledge, it’s far more important to be passionate about teaching and a good communicator with children. We provide training. Please note we cannot accept applications from outside the EU without a valid work permit.


What research is there demonstrating links between chess and improved cognitive skills?

Our research page is regularly updated. The prevailing academic view is that chess can significantly benefit mathematics attainment (see for example a recent meta-study) but more work is needed to establish exactly how this happens.



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