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Chess makes children smarter

23.1.15 - New research from Denmark showed that primary school children in Denmark performed significantly better at Maths if one hour of matches was replaced with chess.


Pupils are better at math, if they drop a math hour each week and play chess instead.


It is the result of a major research project from the University of Aarhus, Aarhus where five schools participated. The children were taught chess instead of mathematics once a week for ten months - and it gave the result: Students in the classes that have played chess has had up to 30 percent greater progress in math compared to the classes who have not had chess.


And scientists have an idea of why this is so:


Chess is complicated, where you have to concentrate, to learn to think ahead, you learn to plan, solve problems you sit with. All these things you can use to learn, but especially in mathematics.



For example, with respect to recognize patterns - diagonals, rows, columns, and coordinate systems. And then you have to exercise self-control. One should not strike too early, you have to sometimes sit on your hands and think five seconds longer instead of just acting immediately, says Professor Michael Rosholm from Aarhus University, who was responsible for the research project.


Today TV2 news on visits to Virupskolen in Hjortshoej that were included in the study back in 2013. When we visited the school at the time, had the current fifth grade replaced one of the four weekly mathematics hours with chess. Today you convinced that it worked:


'When I say goodbye to my five classes, which of course has been this chess course through, then I started making exactly the same in first class. It gives them something, but it's a little hard to put into words what it is' - says math teacher Lene Nissen.


More to read here (in Danish)

London Chess Classic schools visits 2014





The 6th London Chess Classic is taking place at Olympia from Saturday 6th December to Sunday 14th December 2014 and CSC school events have proved great successes.


Around 2000 children from all parts of the UK have made the journey to Olympia to enjoy a programme delivered by our professional chess tutors including grandmaster classes, lectures and tournaments. The events are intended for children of all chess abilities.


More information here | More photos by Ray Morris-Hill | More photos by John Saunders | Tournament results |



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MP for Hereford Jesse Norman is one of the strongest players in the House of Commons and a great supporter of CSC and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Chess.



by Richard Prime | Thursday 22nd January 2015


City's MP sees the benefit of chess for young people

HEREFORD and South Herefordshire MP Jesse Norman is urging more children to enjoy the benefits of chess after going head-to-head against the world’s greatest ever player Garry Kasparov at the House of Lords.



Jesse Norman playing chess | Photo: RAY MORRIS-HILL



Norman joined three other members of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Chess for a specially arranged simultaneous display against the former world No.1 as part of the 6th London Chess Classic.


And it was not just Norman and his colleagues looking to get the better of Kasparov with four pupils from London schools leading the charge for the younger generation.


Recent surveys by the Chess in Schools and Communities (CSC) found pupils as young as seven should be given compulsory lessons in chess amid claims it boosts concentration levels, numeracy and reading comprehension.


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Coaching Vacancy

14.1.15 - Vacancy at a school in Southwark afternoons, 2.00-4.15pm. Please contact  if interested.


First published Wednesday 10 December 2014


Bolton MP Yasmin Qureshi takes on Garry Kasparov at chess

BOLTON South East MP Yasmin Qureshi is urging more children to enjoy the benefits of chess after helping to kick off a display match against the world’s greatest ever player - Garry Kasparov - at the House of Lords.



Bolton South East MP Yasmin Qureshi during her chess battle

with Garry Kasparov at the House of Lords yesterday.



Yasmin, who helped set up the All Party Parliamentary Group for Chess (APPG) last year, was on hand to make the ceremonial first move for a specially arranged display against the former world No.1 as part of this week’s 6th London Chess Classic.


She then watched on as a quartet of her colleagues were joined by four pupils from London schools in trying to get the better of Kasparov.


Recent surveys by the charity Chess in Schools and Communities (CSC) found pupils as young as seven should be given compulsory lessons in chess amid claims it boosts concentration levels, numeracy and reading comprehension.


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Football Chess Wins New Game Prize

07.12.14 - The winner of the New Game Design Competition is Tatyana Ogneva from Moscow. Her chess variant called Football Chess was judged to be perfect to encourage children to play chess. One of the attractive features of the game is that uses the word “football” which automatically engages interest (not only with boys). Scoring a goal is easier to understand than getting checkmate.


More here ...

Free School Chess Events


01.10.14 - The 6th London Chess Classic took place at Olympia from Saturday 6th December to Sunday 14th December 2014.


CSC school events at previous Classics proved great successes and we are pleased to announce that this was repeated again in 2014.


Click here for further information and to see several photos

Research in over 200 Chess in Schools and Communities schools shows that two thirds of teachers believe that children's performance in the classroom (and maths especially) is improved by chess ...



By Graeme Paton, Education Editor 5 Dec 2014


Chess 'raises levels of sportsmanship in seven-year-olds'

The charity Chess in Schools and Communities calls for compulsory lessons for all under-11s because the game teaches young pupils to "cope with winning and losing"



Chess can make children more "sportsmanlike", according to

the charity Chess in Schools and Communities.


All primary school children should be given an hour of chess each week after research found that lessons improved pupils’ concentration, boosted thinking skills and raised levels of sportsmanship.


Experts called for children as young as seven to receive tuition in the game for at least a year because it could have a major impact on pupils’ academic ability and "soft skills".


Research commissioned by the charity Chess in Schools and Communities found that two-thirds of teachers believed children’s performance in the classroom – particularly in maths – had improved after being taught to play the game.


We are pleased to announce two courses for new tutors in London (taking place during the Chess Classic).


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The Dell clinches a major team trophy by Richard Stevenson


Caption: Neil Stevenson, board 1 for The Dell, collects the trophy

from the Lord Major of Cardiff, Cllr Margaret Jones.


01.12.14 - Several Chess in Schools and Communities schools excelled at a recent teams-of-ten event involving over 40 teams from the state and private sector.


At this competition held on 25 November at Cardiff City Stadium, The Dell, Chepstow, clinched first place in division one. Just five places behind came another CSC school from this town, St Mary’s.


More CSC success occurred in division two, with the runner’s up spot taken by Peter Lea, a school from a deprived neighbourhood within Cardiff.


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Yes2Chess Fundraising


31.10.14 - Chess in Schools and Communities would like to thank the Strategic Analytics team at Barclaycard for their fundraising activities, the proceeds of which will go towards chess in schools.


Please support their Bake Sale and Chess Themed Walk by donating here and here.


Chess and Mathematics ~ Chess and Education Conference Sat 6 - Sun 7 December

The second London Chess and Education Conference will bring together leading experts on school chess and mathematics education on 6 and 7 December at the Olympia Kensington. Presentations from the US, Denmark, Hungary and Italy will provide best practice examples of how to connect school chess and mathematics. New research from Italy, the UK, Sweden and Denmark will shed light on the impact of chess on mathematics learning in primary education.


Introduction | Program | Register |

Yes2Chess Team Final, London

8.7.14 - Yes2Chess is an Internet Chess Community for primary and elementary schoolchildren, which offers pupils the opportunity to play chess online with children from other countries and also to compete in a tournament.





This innovative event saw the participation of primary and elementary schools from eight countries: UK, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Denmark and the USA.

The qualifications took place in a moderated area on Playchess.com, and the grand prize was an all expenses paid trip to London for the finals, which took place on Tuesday 8th July.

Congratulations to the winners, Private Gymnasium Brecht School from Hamburg.


Photo Gallery by Ray Morris Hill | Detailed report by Frederic Friedel of ChessBase | View all results from the Final.



There were 8 tournament zones: Denmark, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States. The international finals brought the 8 winners together. They played in 2 groups of 4.


Match results: Group A | Group B   Final Group Tables: Group A | Group B

There were then a series of playoff matches. The winner of each group played off for 1st place. The runners-up played off for 3rd place. The third placed teams played off for 5th place. The fourth placed teams played off for 7th place.


Playoff results: 7th place | 5th place | 3rd place | 1st place |


The 1st place playoff, i.e. the Final, was a 5-0 victory for Privates Gymnasium Brecht (GER) over Columbia Grammar Preparatory (USA).


We would like to extend our congratulations to all the competing school teams in the final:


Denmark: Skolen på Nyelandsvej

Germany: Private Gymnasium Brecht

Norway: Lassa School

Portugal: Associação Escola 31 de Janeiro A

Spain: Zola Villafranca M

Sweden: The English School, North

United Kingdom: St. Bridget's Church of England Primary School

United States: Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School



Yes2Chess is a fun and exciting way for children to play games, learn new skills and meet new people from around the world. Yes2Chess is an Internet Chess Tournament that will be running during the 2013/14 academic year.

This innovative event will see the participation of primary / elementary schools from eight countries: UK, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Denmark and the USA.


Find out how your school can get involved .


Sunrise, Florida USA is a Chess City!

Broward County in South Florida USA is embarking on a huge chess in schools and community project. As well bringing chess to 10's of 1000's of children they are encouraging everyone to play.



WSVN -- King, queen, pawn and bishop are all terms for the game of chess. Now elementary school students in Broward County are learning to play chess in addition to reading and math! 7's Lynn Martinez shows us in today's Parent to Parent.


These third graders are making bold new moves. That's because students at Discovery Elementary School in Sunrise are now learning the game of chess. The school was chosen to be part of a pilot program last year.


Related video and article


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Written by Jeff McGinnis | September 2014  

Chess transforming students at Jones Leadership Academy

Jones Leadership Academy chess students honored by Toledo

City Council. Photo Courtesy Warren Woodberry


In the halls of Jones Leadership Academy — the former Jones Elementary School, now reborn as part of the district’s plan to transform itself — one of the most striking transformations taking place may be centered around one of the world’s oldest forms of competition: chess.


In 2013, students under the guidance of coach Warren Woodberry won the 10th Annual TPS Chess Tournament, covering 35 schools from all over the Toledo area. For any group of kids to rise to the top in such a competition is impressive. But for a program only a few semesters into its existence — from a district struggling to reinvent its academic reputation in a time of restructuring — it’s extraordinary.


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Baltic Summer Chess Camp 2014

23.8.14 - The first International Baltic Summer Chess Camp was held in Riga during August 13-16.



It was an intensive and enjoyable experience which will invigorate the chess practice of the 14 children who attended including Megan Richards (Cardiff) who benefitted from a bursary as CSC Pupil of the Year.


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Sally Clifford | 5 September 2014  

Game of kings can help pupils think in new ways

It is one of the oldest and most enduring board games.



Pupils at Horton Park Primary School in Bradford help to improve

their education and social development through the ages-old

game of chess.


Dating back more than 1,000 years, chess continues to challenge and intrigue players and now the benefits of this strategic game are being explored in education – and with great benefits according to the chess experts who are instrumental in introducing chess into the classroom.


Nick Mullan, an accredited coach with charity Chess in Schools whose mission is to highlight the game’s educational and social benefits, has played on and off for years after learning it during his school days.


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Chess and politics 'are linked'





15.8.14 - There is now an all-party parliamentary group on chess, which will be chaired by Labour MP Yasmin Qureshi. Malcolm Pein and Labour MP Maria Eagle discuss the link between chess and politics.

    | Runtime: 4 mins 32 secs.

Presenter - Evan Davis


More about this item

Local MP visits CSC in Tower Hamlets

16 May 2014



On Friday 16th May 2014 Rushanara Ali - the MP for Bethnal Green and Bow – visited Bonner School in Tower Hamlets and saw the CSC programme in action. CSC’s work in Bonner School is funded by a generous donation from Investec, and we were delighted that Susie Robbie was able to represent the organisation on the day.


After the visit, Rushanara Ali MP said: "I am delighted to see young people building important skills through playing chess. I was delighted to attend Bonner school in my constituency and see the children learn how to play chess as part of their enrichment activities. It was fantastic to see young people develop their skills."


Please click here for more details.


By Graeme Paton, Education Editor 16 Apr 2014


Chess 'should be compulsory in primary schools'


The former president of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers calls for chess to be introduced in all state primary schools to boost children’s concentration levels



Fewer than 1-in-10 pupils in state schools currently get access

to chess at school


Pupils as young as seven should be given compulsory lessons in chess amid claims it boosts concentration levels, numeracy and reading comprehension, according to a teachers’ leader.


Primary schools should give all pupils at least one term’s worth of chess in an attempt to get them interested in the game at a young age, it was claimed.


Hank Roberts, former president of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, said Britain was one of the few European countries that failed to recognise chess as a sport or fund a proper “in-school programme”.


He insisted the game was hugely popular in private schools but too many in the state system failed to offer it to pupils.


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6 April 2014 | Frances Ivens and Henry Readhead


Smart move, young man

Schoolchildren are flocking to take up chess, and the resurgence of the game is boosting them socially and academically.



Chess players at Melcombe Primary School overseen by Jason

Kouchak from the Chess in Schools & Communities charity


Chess has long evoked images of surly Russians hunched over a board. But a resurgence in the game termed by one former champion “the gymnasium of the mind” is taking place in British schools.


Next month, an all-party parliamentary group on chess aims to meet for the first time, having gained the support of more than a dozen MPs. According to Yasmin Qureshi, MP for Bolton South-east, who has helped to set up the group, it will “work to promote chess and the benefits brings”. The group plans to lobby for chess to be recognised as a sport and to highlight its importance in early learning and primary and secondary education.


The group follows the establishment in 2010 of the Chess in Schools & Communities (CSC) charity, the brainchild of Malcolm Pein, an international master and director of the London Chess Classic tournament.


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Photo | Jeremy Young

Newham Primary Schools’ Team Chess Tournament 2014



The second CSC Newham Primary Schools’ Team Tournament was held at the Old Town Hall in Stratford on March 27th 2014.


Sir Robin Wales - the elected Mayor of Newham - opened the event, and spoke of the formative experiences he had on his school chess team.


Graeme Betts - Newham’s Executive Director of Strategic Commissioning and Community – also visited, and was extremely pleased that the CSC programme in Newham was going so well and that such tournaments were taking place.


Alison Davenport and her team were fantastic and CSC hopes that they can host events at the Old Town Hall in the future.


Tournament Report



Photo © by Ray Morris-Hill | More here

Chess in Schools and Communities wins Innovative Project Award

10th July 2013


The Earl of Wessex presents the Innovative Project Award to Chess in Schools

and Communities Chief Executive Malcolm Pein, alongside Sam Franks (Hiscox).


On 9th July 2013 Chess in Schools and Communities (CSC) was presented with the Innovative Project Award at the 2013 Sport and Recreation Alliance Awards sponsored by specialist insurance company Hiscox.


The award was presented to the charity’s Chief Executive, Malcolm Pein, by HRH The Earl of Wessex at St. James’s Palace in London after the charity impressed the judges with their ground-breaking initiatives over the past year.



With studies showing a clear link between playing chess in primary school and improved concentration and educational attainment, CSC has doubled in size in the past year ...


Read more ...




CSC on BBC Breakfast TV


Chess in Schools and Communities launched it's first Charity-Public-Private initiative in a ground breaking project to teach 20,000 children how to play chess in London Borough of Newham.


BBC Breakfast TV featured the launch on Wednesday 13 March 2013.


More here ...



Chess in Schools and Communities launches first Charity-Public-Private initiative



Chess in Schools and the Communities (CSC), a UK registered charity and Newham Borough Council are working together with East Village in an innovative project to deliver chess to all 64 primary schools in Newham and teach 20,000 children to play the world's most enduring game.


The 'Urban Chess' program was launched on 13th March. East Village celebrated its sponsorship of CSC, by welcoming local schools to Stratford Library for a fun and educational morning of chess games and classes on a giant board - led by British Champion Grandmaster Gawain Jones.


Read more ...

Royal Commended Performance 2012

25th July 2012


Chess in Schools and Communities received the Royal seal of approval on 19th July at St James’s Palace.


Chief Executive IM Malcolm Pein received the ‘highly commended’ award from HRH Prince Edward the Earl of Wessex at the Sport and Recreation Alliance's Community Sport and Recreation awards ceremony.



The award was made in recognition of CSC's 'innovative work in schools'.


Read more ...


  Press releases: CSC | SRA | ECF |



Strasbourg Visit Report

Wed 15th Feb 2012

CSC is working with the Kasparov Chess Foundation Europe and European Chess Union (ECU) on a political campaign to garner support for chess to be introduced to schools Europe-wide.


The focus of the campaign is a written declaration which can be found here http://www.kcfe.eu/wd50 .



Malcolm Pein, CEO of CSC and Rudi Valcke, chess teacher (BE)

explain the benefits of chess during the  Chess in School seminar at

the EU (on the left, Garry Kasparov)


This was sponsored by 5 MEPS from the UK, Finland, Italy, Bulgaria and Malta.



Written declarations need the support of half of all MEPs before they can go before the European Commission for consideration and possible action.


For the last 6 months Garry Kasparov and his team, aided by the office of Bulgarian MEP Slavi Binev have been working tirelessly to secure the signatures of 380 MEPs. I am delighted to report that to date 377 signatures have been received!


Thanks to all those who wrote to their MEP's.


Read more ...

First birthday reception for the charity Chess in Schools and Communities

18 October 2011


Rachel Reeves MP, Member of Parliament for Leeds West, hosted our first birthday reception in the Jubilee Room at Westminster on Tuesday. A huge thank you to Rachel who recently visited one of our schools in her constituency to give a simultaneous display. Despite not having played competitively for many years, she remains a very good player and even Garry was impressed.


Children from Teesside, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol, Barnet, Hackney, Newham and Hammersmith and Fulham were accompanied by their teachers and parents. Every child got the chance to take on Nigel Short in a simultaneous display. Rachel spoke about how learning chess at an early age had helped her. CSC are also grateful to the 13th World Champion Garry Kasparov who came to London and spoke at the event as well as making many media appearances. Thanks also to Nigel Short who played the children and a few MPs without losing a game!




Grandmaster Jonathan Rowson and our Field Worker England international Sabrina Chevannes, also made some moves. There was an outstanding performance from Matteo Walls of William Patten School in Hackney who nearly drew. I played a few moves and came to his board to find the position completely equal after about 30 moves – well done!


Rachel’s colleagues in the Labour Shadow Cabinet; Angela and Maria Eagle also attended the event. They, like Rachel, were strong junior players but in my home city of Liverpool.

Photos © Ray Morris-Hill

Malcolm Pein, Chief Executive.                                                                                                             


Click to see more photos from the event .


Charity Commission: 1133120



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