National Tournament Calendar 2014



Sat 6 Dec, 2014

One Day Chess Congress Years for 7-11

Sat 25 Oct

4th One Day Chess Congress Years for 2-6

Tues 15 July Burlington Danes Tournament H'Sth& Fulham
Mon 14 July Hammersmith and Fulham Primary Schools H'Sth& Fulham
Thur 10 July Sefton Tournament Liverpool
Tues 8 July Yes2Chess Grand Final London
Thur 3 July Merthyr Tydfil CSC Tournament Merthyr Tydfil
Fri 27 June Chess in Schools Gloucestershire Championships 2014 Gloucester
Wed 25 June 4th Annual CSC Tournament,  09.30-14.00 Liverpool
Wed 25 June CSC Schools Tournament, West Midlands Birmingham
Sat 21 June Broadoak & Smallshaw Community Centre, 10.00-14.30 Manchester
Sat 21 June Junior Individual Championship Teesside
Thur 5 June South West CSC Schools Competition Bristol
Sat 26 April Broadoak & Smallshaw Community Centre, 10.00-14.30 Manchester
Thurs 27 March Primary Schools Team Chess Championships Newham


Internal School Competition

22 July 2014




CSC Manchester held an internal competition from 1-3pm at Stalyhill Primary School on 22 July 2014.


Over the past weeks the children in each class have been playing a separate competition based on the World Cup where the the CSC tutor and teacher use Yellow and Red cards which cost 5 or 10 points if the game has to be adjudicated as to the result.



This time however all 59 children in Year 3 took part in a swiss competition and prizes were awarded to the girls and boys who finished in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Competition was so fierce that the first 6 places had to be decided by using the tie break of sum of progressive scores.


The winners were:



1st Oscar Lane

2nd Leo Mason

3rd Lewis Parr



1st Jessica Lockey

2nd Alexa Roberts

3rd Grace Palmer.


Photos here.







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