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Community Chess Club/Castlehaven Comm. Centre

Tutor: James Costello and Agnieszka Milewska


Torriano Junior School

Tutor: Marek Borkowski


UCL Academy

Tutor: Lucas Duda


Community Projects

Camden Community Chess Club



















Catriona Hale, Pastoral Care Leader, Torriano Junior Sch., Camden - "Year 5 have started a fantastic course learning how to play Chess!


This week, Michael (our Chess teacher) helped us to learn the names of the pieces and we had a go at moving the pawns around the board. Of course there are already Chess experts among us and they have been brilliantly supporting those who are unsure of how to play.


We also learned about how mathematical the game of Chess is. We used counting, coordinates, strategy, addition and subtraction and we are sure there are many more mathematical skills we’ll be calling on in future Chess lessons.


We loved the idea that the queen is the most powerful piece and everyone is protecting the rather weak king!


We learned that: - white always goes first - Chess was invented in India in around the 5th Century - Some of the rules have changed since being introduced to Europe - Pawns can only go forwards - Pawns can only take another piece diagonally - Pawns can move twice on their first move and only once after that. We can’t wait for our next lesson next Friday!"





























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