Mr Cresswell, Hawthorne Primary School, Cardiff - "I am delighted at the impact the chess sessions are having on the children’s learning. The learning and playing of chess has so many positive features.


I am particularly pleased with the development of pupils’ problem-solving skills and ability to think strategically. I was trounced by a child a couple of weeks ago – simply because he thought ahead so much better than I did. The activity develops the children’s ability to think outside the box, and the endless variety of possibilities within the game mean that all abilities are stretched. One of the weaknesses in problem-solving identified in the school (and for that matter in schools across the country) is the ability to deal with two-step problems. Chess is an excellent tool for developing this skill.


The game has particular value in that is it so easy to administer. By pairing pupils of similar ability against each other, all pupils get a good game and a sense of achievement and enjoyment. The social rules around chess in terms of respect, patience and calm are very good training for the children. The self control that is inherent in the game has application in many other walks of life.


I hope that the foundation in chess established this year will continue for years to come.”


Lesley Leckie, Headteacher, Trelai Primary School, Cardiff - We introduced chess to our two year 4 classes at the beginning of Spring term for one hour a week during timetabled maths sessions. It immediately captured the children’s interest especially the boys -39 of them compared to only 14 girls in the cohort.


We are now moving into year 5 and hope to have more tournaments between those year groups and use those slightly older children to run their own lunchtime club.


Jane Evans, Headteacher, Kitchener Primary School, Cardiff - "We are delighted that CSC introduced chess into our school in September and the first term has gone exceptionally well. The children have really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Teachers have already seen the benefits in the children’s learning as well as in their chess. They have also observed big improvements in the development of thinking and problem solving skills across the curriculum.


Last week the school hosted a group of teachers from Swansea and on their tour of the school, they went into the Y3 classroom where the children were playing chess with CSC. The visitors were amazed at the levels of engagement of the children who were so engrossed in their chess, they hardly noticed that a large group of adults had just walked into their classroom! This bodes well for the future of chess in Kitchener Primary School . We are really looking forward to building on these foundations next term."


Mr Volk, Birchgrove Primary School, Cardiff - "Our chess club has recently expanded to 2 classrooms each Tuesday lunchtime and includes a variety of children of all levels of academic ability, differing backgrounds and ethnicity.


The children love the competitive nature of the sport and a few have progressed to external competitions where they have done extremely well. It also seems to improve their thinking and reasoning skills and appears to have a calming effect on them.”


Sue Jones, Headteacher, St. Paul's Church in Wales Primary School - "It is a pleasure to write to you to let you know the difference learning to play chess has made at St Paul's C/W Primary School."






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