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Member of Parliament visits primary schools in Leeds

Rachel Reeves MP and CSC Chief Executive Malcolm Pein visited Stanningley Primary School and Whingate Primary School on Friday 6th February.


Rachel played a 12-board simultaneous and Malcolm did some coaching.


CSC works in 6 schools in Rachel's constituency of Leeds West. Rachel played a simultaneous at both schools and Malcolm did some coaching for some of the best players at Stanningley who are going on a chess trip to Madrid next month.



Rachel is a former junior champion and won all twelve games but she admits that each time it's getting harder.


Congratulations to all the players at both schools whose chess knowledge was really impressive, a tribute to both CSC tutors Winston Williams and Nick Nixon and the school staff who support the programme.


Sally Clifford | 5 September 2014  

Game of kings can help pupils think in new ways


It is one of the oldest and most enduring board games.



Pupils at Horton Park Primary School in Bradford help to improve

their education and social development through the ages-old

game of chess.


Dating back more than 1,000 years, chess continues to challenge and intrigue players and now the benefits of this strategic game are being explored in education – and with great benefits according to the chess experts who are instrumental in introducing chess into the classroom.


Nick Mullan, an accredited coach with charity Chess in Schools whose mission is to highlight the game’s educational and social benefits, has played on and off for years after learning it during his school days.


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Cath Harbrow, Headteacher, Bramley St Peter's C of E Primary School - "Chess in Bramley St Peter's has surpassed my expectations. I had thought that our children would learn to play chess and that it would be a great skill for life - being able to forward plan and think beyond what can be seen. However, our children learning chess has enabled them to have self control, they not only enjoy chess but really look forward to when you come along.


It has taught perseverance thinking logically and also taught them how to lose! The class that are learning to play chess has many challenges - some learning, some behaviour and some concerning low self esteem (put together with some children having to learn English as an additional language) - they are not only coping well with learning to play chess but are coping well with the challenges of learning beyond chess.


I am so grateful that our school had the chance to take part in chess in schools that I wish to have this opportunity for the next school that I am going to in September. Thank you once again for everything CSC have achieved with us this year."



MP Rachel Reeves visits Valley View School Chess Club

14 October 2011



Next week, two pupils from Valley View school will join schoolchildren from across the country in Parliament, for a Chess in Schools event with Gary Kasparov and Nigel Short. In advance of their visit, Rachel today visited Valley View School to meet the students learning chess, and to play against 12 of them at once!


Although none of them quite managed to beat Rachel, all the pupils had a great time, as did Rachel;


"It's great to see young people engaging in chess, which helps to build their problem-solving and logic skills, as well as being great fun. I'm looking forward to next week, when I'll be able to host some of my local schoolchildren in the Parliamentary event."


Source: http://bit.ly/bQ1HmG



CSC Leeds is supported by 'The Tony and Anusha Stewart Foundation'.


Leeds MP takes on primary school youngsters leeds

11th October 2012


MP Rachel Reeves takes on Annabelle Waterhouse at St Peters School Bramley, Leeds.


She’s used to thinking one step ahead in Parliament but Leeds MP Rachel Reeves swapped politics for pawns for the day.


The former junior chess champion tested her wits against youngsters from St Peter’s Primary School, in Bramley, during eight games of simultaneous chess.



Pupils at the school have been learning how to play the game since the start of term as part of an initiative to help boost their education.


The scheme is run by charity Chess in Schools and the Community which aims to teach youngsters about the game for one hour each week as part of the curriculum.


Full Yorkshire Evening Post report ...


Photo - Simon Hulme




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