Chris Beaumont first started to play chess at 6 years old and instantly found the game more interesting than any other. However, his love of chess didn't find an outlet until he was at college in Manchester, where he played his first competitive game at the age of 18 years old.


Being totally bitten by the competitive chess bug, Chris played league and tournament chess and his effort and commitment was rewarded when he achieved International Master in 1996.


Currently Chris has a big influence on the Bristol and West Chess Scene and is a much sought after chess teacher. He currently teaches in schools in Bristol and Bath and has coached both England and Welsh Junior Squads in European and World Championships. Chris is also a regular coach to the Braille Chess Association and regularly travels with them to World Championships.


If you have the good fortune to meet Chris, try playing him in one of his blindfolded matches, where he often plays up to five players at once without seeing any board or pieces. Not even his own!