Jonathan Bryant has been playing chess since his father taught him the moves when he was six or seven - nearly forty years ago now - although he didnít start playing seriously until he was 18. He has been working for CSC since September 2013 and currently coaches at five schools in Tower Hamlets in London. He was born in Essex, but has lived and worked in the capital since he moved there in 1993.


Jonathanís professional background is in social work, with jobs in many London boroughs over the years. He has a special affinity with Tower Hamlets, though. Itís where he lived when he first moved to London, itís where he got his first job and it was where he was working when he first got involved with CSC.


Jonathan feels lucky to have discovered CSC at the very time that the organisation was expanding into Tower Hamlets. Heís delighted to be part of that expansion and is keen to help take chess to as many schools in the borough as possible.