James Costello was introduced to chess as an 8 year old boy when he was challenged to a game by his dad. His attempts at chess got off to an inauspicious start when he managed to fall for the Scholarís Mate trap ten times in a row.


His parents became a little worried!


Unfortunately, although there was a chess club at his school, James decided not to join, as getting into mischief seemed a much more enjoyable activity. A decision that James regrets (partly) to this day.


James didnít really continue with chess until many years later when he took responsibility of the mail order department of Chess and Bridge Ltd, where he was surrounded by an abundance of chess material, and some very good players.


A deeper understanding of the game was born and a passion rekindled.


Since then, James has joined Chess in Schools and Communities and has taught chess to many children in schools, libraries and community centres. He really enjoys his job as a chess coach, loves to help children develop their ability and firmly believes that chess is a fantastic way to encourage concentration, mental discipline, cognitive skills, resilience, creativity, social skills and sportsmanship. His other interests include photography, poker, crosswords and lateral-thinking puzzles.