Ferdo Dizdarevic was born and raised in former Yugoslavia. There he developed a career as a sports coach, and he obtained a degree in Sports Science and PE. This is also where he developed a love for chess.


In 1991, he moved to Botswana where he taught children (from as young as three) a variety of sports including Judo, Gymnastics, Swimming and Chess.


Driven by the philosophy that a healthy body enables a healthy mind, Ferdo believes that mental stimulation and utilising our brain is as important as the physical aspects of sport.


In the world of chess, nothing has given him greater pride than the successes of his daughter, Barbara. She won her first Chess medal at the age of five and is now ranked one of the best players in her age group in Serbia.


Ferdo recently moved to the UK with his wife and looks forward to having a positive influence on the grass roots development of children in Chess and his other chosen discipline, Judo.


Working with CSC in Bristol, Ferdo is now expanding the programme to Bath.