Sir Roy Goode, a retired law teacher and barrister, started playing chess in a desultory way at the age of 11 and began to take it more seriously some years later, where after tuition he was selected to play in the Hampshire Chess Association team. He also participated successfully in the Sir William Dupree chess tournament, held in Portsmouth each year at the same time as a tournament for grandmasters. The Dupree second prize was worth more than the grandmasters’ first prize!


He participated in the huge 500-a-side Festival of Britain tournament in which North of the Thames played South of the Thames and, meeting an opponent he had met before who played the same opening, secured a resignation in eight moves.


Roy has also played for Northamptonshire and Middlesex, but now plays very little except to teach chess at an Oxford primary school, where lack of skill is more than compensated by the children’s enthusiasm.