Mark Hannon learnt to play at aged 8 from a library book 'Chess for Children' with charming illustrations. That, and Chernev's enthusiastic annotations, left him hooked on chess and chess books. He was very impressed how one could play through exactly the moves that were played 100 or more years before and re-live the development of ideas.


Mark has 20 years experience of teaching Mathematics. He relished the chance to answer questions on Mastermind about Bobby Fischer and Soviet Chess. The question that tricked him also wrong footed Kasparov!


Tutoring Chess at The Mulberry School and other primary schools has been extremely rewarding and moving to see the children's' enthusiasm, sportsmanship and concentration develop. It seems clear to him how a healthy attitude to chess can help develop a wide variety of personal and academic skills in students.


Mark is a member of Witney Chess Club in Oxfordshire, winners of the 2012 ECF Chess Club of the Year award. Internet blitz chess is his most frequent form of play and he was recently shocked to see he had beaten Ulf Andersson (on time) in a 1 minute lightning game.