Paul Kane is an experienced chess player with a wide knowledge of the game. His work has often involved teaching and training of one form or another and his qualifications include degrees in psychology and cognitive science, as well as a PGCE. Since starting at CSC in 2012, Paul now teaches chess at four schools, two in Salford and two in Bolton.


He agrees with Botvinnik’s assessment that chess is the art of logic and that, as such, it can play a valuable role in developing children’s thinking skills, as well as being an interest that will enrich their lives well into the future. Other chess-related activities include running an after-school chess club at an academy in Salford and writing book reviews for the Manchester Chess Federation website.


He also teaches functional English and mathematics to adults. Outside of chess and teaching, Paul has a wide interest in the arts, with a particular, long-standing one being Oulipian literature.