Born in the mid 20th Century, Peter Mant took up chess in secondary school so as to avoid going out in the playground in winter – yes, he knows he was a wimp! However, he got caught the bug for the game and became a regular tournament player.


Peter went to art college and as a student he was a prizewinner in an exhibition at the Royal Academy. After college he worked as a freelance photographer for various music magazines.


Peter became hooked on the idea of being a teacher while teaching Sunday school at his local church. Like Dan Staples (CSC’s London and South-East Coordinator) he was also very inspired by the film ‘Stand and Deliver’. He trained as a secondary teacher at the Institute of Education, and whilst working in an SEN school he had the opportunity to train a pupil to become a successful tournament player. Peter is very grateful to his Grandmaster Rashid Ziatdinov for his invaluable advice on chess and education.


Finally, Peter has found working for CSC both intellectually stimulating and emotionally satisfying!