Sean Marsh first discovered chess in 1972 when he got a chess set for Christmas in the wake of the great Fischer boom. As a player, he has won countless titles and tournaments, particularly in the Teesside area.


Sean has been teaching chess professionally since 1988. He has worked in over 100 schools of all types and with juniors from the ages of four to 18. Other coaching experience includes training blind chess players, senior players and disabled children.


Further experiences in schools include an eight-year stint as a Governor (four years as Vice-Chair), two years in charge of a school library (between chess lessons!) and various spells as a Teaching Assistant for groups of Gifted & Talented children.


He has also been organising tournaments, Summer Schools of Chess and many other special events for over a quarter of a century. Fund-raising activities for junior events include sponsored 24-hour chess marathons, chess discos and even a spot of stand-up comedy as part of an innovative cabaret.


Sean is also a freelance writer with many published articles and is currently working on some special projects with a number of publishers.