Peter Saunders first learnt to play chess at school in the fifties. On leaving school he joined the armed forces and during his time in the Far East he developed his chess and even started up a club for ex patriots in Hong Kong.


On returning to the UK he played County chess at both correspondence and over the board. His best BCF rating was 192 in 1977. At this point Peter took a break from chess, returning in 2001 to play for a club in Bristol and later joined Clifton Chess Club in 2003. He captained and played for Clifton D team for 5 years.


Looking to help develop chess players of the future, Peter then took the role as Junior Officer in the Bristol & District League and took over the Clifton College Chess Club and setup Pete's Potentials Junior Chess Club.


Pete's Potentials is a Junior Chess club open to any children from the Bristol area that wants to develop their chess further. Peter's recent claim to fame is that one of his pupils, who qualified as the ECF’s youngest arbiter at 14, has just won the Welsh Under 20 Title at the ripe old age of 15.


Peter is the coach at the 3 schools he was listed at previously.