Chris started playing at secondary school in the 1970's where, even in Year 7, he was one of the better players. He was captivated by the Fischer - Spassky matches which gripped the World's attention at that time. However, by the time A levels became too important Chris stopped playing.


He restarted when his children began school and the PTA wanted some "wet play" activities. Chris volunteered to run a chess club and it took off like a rocket. The pupils were very keen and played in many local and national tournaments. Soon they were representing Somerset at all age levels. The school team beat all-comers and the highlight for Chris has been their two wins in the EPSCA Small Schools Championships. His players have had many notable successes at the UK Chess Challenge Megafinal, and one boy has been Gigafinal champion twice. Chris has also coached three children who played for England in 2013.


Chris's enthusiasm is still strong (pun intended) as he runs after school clubs every night and still finds time for the Somerset team. He plays for Clevedon in the Bristol league and is coached by IM Chris Beaumont, a fellow CSC tutor.