Kajetan Wandowicz grew up in Poland and tried living in France, Cyprus and Spain before discovering that the food and the weather were much better in England. He has taught more than 1,100 children to play chess in CSC classes in Bristol and Gloucestershire and now manages our operations in the South West of England (with the exception of the Bath area, managed by Ferdo Dizdarevic).


Nationwide, he is implementing our distance learning chess programme called First Move in partnership with our US counterparts at America's Foundation for Chess. Therefore, do not worry if you know of no schools in your area that work with CSC: even if we have no tutors in your area, we can now reach any school in the UK that has an internet connection. Indeed, one of our First Move schools is located in Gibraltar!


Kajetan is passionate about law and the legal system and runs a programme of prisoner rehabilitation through chess at HMP Bristol.


Contact:  or 07771 141 432.