John Wrench learned to play chess at the age of 11 but only played occasionally until he joined Kidderminster Chess Club in 1980, at the age of 23. He’s still a member and has been champion on many occasions as well as winning several other club competitions.


John is captain of Kidderminster’s first team, is a regular for Worcestershire and also plays occasional games in the 4NCL. His highest grade to date is 173, which was achieved in 2012.


In the 1990s John ran a chess club at a local high school but work commitments meant giving that up. However, now he works as a Self-Employed I.T. Technician, which means he can set a day aside to devote to teaching chess.


After gaining ECF Accredited Coaching status in March 2014 he followed this up by becoming a CSC Tutor. John currently provides three weekly CSC classes in Birmingham as well as one session at a private school. John also helps out with the Worcestershire Megafinal.


He is very enthusiastic and strives to encourage more juniors to take up the game. Not just for their own benefit and enjoyment but also to help ensure the long-term success of local clubs that seem to have an ever-increasing average age.


John finds the enthusiasm and appreciation of the participating children very rewarding. At the end of his first CSC class an eight year old girl approached him and said “Thank you Mr Wrench, that was fun”. – ‘Priceless’.