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Monday 19 January 2015


An hour of chess replacing maths made Danish pupils better at maths





Pupils are better at maths, if they drop one math class every week and play chess instead.


It is the result of a major research project from the University of Aarhus, where five schools in Aarhus participated.


The children were taught chess instead of mathematics once a week for ten months - and it paid off: The pupils in the classes that have played chess has had up to 30 percent greater progress in math compared with the classes who have not had chess.


Read more ... (in Danish)





Boris Johnson at the 6th London Chess Classic 2014

7.2.15 - The Mayor of London Boris Johnson addresses the visitors and school children at the London Chess Classic.






Doncaster (AUS) Primary School Chess Program on Today's Schools





'Moving Forward'

Music and lyrics by Jason Kouchak (pictured right): Jason is a widely-acclaimed concert pianist who plays popular music and jazz as well as classical music. Jason was born in France and studied piano at the Royal College of Music in London, and at Edinburgh University.




He has performed in major concert halls in London, Paris, St Petersburg and other venues in Europe and Asia. He has recorded five albums, including his own compositions, and appeared on BBC TV and the Japanese NHK channel. He has made regular guest appearances with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, and recorded and performed with Julian Lloyd-Webber | More about Jason | iTunes |

The Scoop on the SuperNationals, The Biggest Chess Tournament Ever





Yes 2 Chess: London Chess Classic 2013






Chess in Schools and Communities launches first Charity-Public-Private initiative





London 2011: Boris Becker visits Round 1





How chess is saving these children





Published 15 Mar 2013

Award winning Brooklyn Castle documentary





Click for details | Read more about Brooklyn Castle story.

Smart chess moves save juvenile court kids

04.3.15 - Kids with troubled pasts learn to think ahead with the Smart Moves Chess Club, WXIA.



ATLANTA -- It's gumbo, jazz, and chess every Friday night. The boards are out and the matches underway.


Samuel Washington has a new student. "This has been a cat and mouse game so far, right?"


The new boy comes from the same school as the rest of the kids here -- the one of hard knocks -- the one of big trouble at tender ages.


"Just a little case, assault cases.," he tells 11Alive's Jaye Watson.


Daquan Wilkins and trouble are like peas and carrots -- you don't have one without the other.


How to raise a chess champion



11.07.12 - With age comes wisdom, the saying goes, but at an elementary school in New York's Chinatown the children are wise beyond their years when it comes to playing chess.


In 2011, Public School 124 took its students to compete in the second highest category at a national high school chess competition - and won.


The pupils at the school, where kids are aged six to 11, are predominantly Asian American and come from the surrounding middle- to lower-income neighbourhood.







Should chess be taught in school?






















CSC activities in Newham were featured in The Times on 7th December 2010


Smart move for new chess schools



Video: Will Sargent


18 October 2011



Now what do you learn at school in a typical day?


A bit of maths, some science maybe... But chess is a bit less likely.


There was a time when it was the game to play - Kings and queens and kids across the country saw it as true test of skill.


And now a national campaign is trying to bring it back to a classroom near you, so we sent Nel went to find out more.




London Classic 8th - 15th December 2010

Schools were welcome to visit the London Chess Classic for free chess coaching  and we had professional chess coaches on hand to give individual or group lessons or to answer questions about setting up a chess club.  A very enjoyable simultaneous display took place on 9th Dec involving some leading  British players.






And the 1st London Chess Classic Junior Tournament also took place on the 9th Dec consisting of 6 rounds where children in each age group were paired against each other. They played individual games but schools scored as a team.






All London Classic videos produced by Macauley Peterson.








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