Shreyas vs Sajid

Rising chess star Shreyas Royal has enjoyed a sharp turnaround of fortune. After facing the prospect of deportation just a few months ago; to being invited to the Palace of Westminster to meet Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary, whose intervention ensured he will continue to live here and represent the ECF in international competition.

Shreyas was accompanied by his father, Jitendra, ECF President Dominic Lawson and Chess in Schools and Communities’ Tereza Pribanova. It was a wonderful occasion for Shreyas to play chess in such a prestigious building, the Home Secretary’s Office no less. Sajid Javid put up a good fight, but Shreyas isn’t the country’s most up-and-coming chess player for nothing. Jitendra Singh thanked the ECF and Chess in Schools and Communities, who launched the successful publicity campaign to keep the family in the country in August after all other avenues were exhausted. Sajid Javid commented —

‘After carefully reviewing the evidence, I have taken the personal decision to allow Shreyas and his family to stay in the UK. The UK is a country that fosters world-class talent and Shreyas is one of the most gifted chess players of his generation. We have always been clear we want a world-class immigration system that welcomes highly-talented individuals from across the globe’