CSC Prison Tutor- vacancy (part time)

CSC is looking for a chess tutor to run weekly chess clubs in prisons ISIS Belmarsh and HMP Wandsworth

Applicants should contact [email protected]

CSC London Coordinator- vacancy (part time)

Beginning in March

Job Description

  1. Schools
  2. Tutors
  3. Volunteers
  4. Information Management
  5. Summer Tournaments
  6. General


  • fielding initial inquiries from teachers / parents / interested parties
  • liaising with school staff to arrange and confirm details of chess programme
  • presentations to groups of potential schools (meetings of Head Teachers etc) liaison with staff at existing schools


  • Field initial inquiries from potential tutors
  • Meet / interview suitable candidates
  • Guide appropriate candidates through the recruitment process (DBS checks; references; training; shadowing)
  • Match successful candidates to appropriate vacant positions
  • Provision of support and guidance - including visits to existing tutors
  • Establishing standards required / ensuring they are reached
  • Matching tutors to appropriate opportunities
  • Arranging cover for short-term vacancies as they arise


  • Fielding inquiries from interested parties
  • Meeting / interviewing suitable candidates
  • Guide appropriate candidates through recruitment process
  • Link volunteer with suitable tutor/chess programme
  • Ongoing support and guidance


  • Record and maintain accurate information for Schools, Tutors & Volunteers


  • Identification of venues for tournaments in suitable boroughs
  • Liaising with school staff to confirm date/time/size of event
  • Arranging staffing and equipment


  • Out of hours working required on occasion
    • evenings
    • weekends
    • extended working days
  • Multi-site working required/visits to
    • schools
    • tutors
    • interested parties
    • libraries, community events & locations etc
  • Seeking out / responding to contacts with/from community partners
  • Engagement with funders other VIPs/facilitating visits to observe CSC chess programmes in action

Applicants should send their CV's with a cover letter to [email protected]

Chess Tutors

Our innovative approach is to teach chess as a classroom subject in curriculum time. We aim to teach a whole year group at a school; sometimes more than one.

As a tutor you will teach each class in a year group for an hour a week and possibly run a club before or after the lessons. During the lesson you will be supported by the class teacher or teaching assistant. We will provide a 30 week curriculum - 10 weeks a term with comprehensive lesson plans, worksheets and handouts. We also provide work books.

We run  regular training courses for tutors on teaching chess.

Our tutors are currently active in 300 schools in 80 boroughs and regions across England and Wales. While it is important to have a basic knowledge of chess we have found that having classroom experience or the ability to work with children in a classroom setting is of great value. Enthusiasm and a passion for learning are essential.

If you are interested please complete our  tutor vacancies form. Please provide the names and contact details of two referees and their relationship to you. We will also expect you to attend one of our tutor training courses.

Please do not hesitate to contact CSC Head Office if you require any further information.