CSC and Google's DeepMind have partnered a scheme to fund School Chess Clubs in the London Borough of Camden, the home of the very exciting development of AlphaZero. DeepMind's chess playing algorithm which recently defeated the world chess computer champion Stockfish 8. 

To celebrate the beginning of the programme, Demis Hassabis the founder of DeepMind (himself a former child chess prodigy came to CSC supported school UCL Academy in North London where he gave a simultaneous exhibition. 

As a charismatic speaker, he gave a talk to the students of UCL Academy and 5 other schools invited. He spoke about the great challenges of Artificial Intelligence and how chess at a young age equipped him with skills for later life.

"Chess has been immensely formative for me in helping to develop important skills such as problem solving, planning, visualisation, performing under pressure and the transfer of learning from one domain to another. At DeepMind we highly value these meta-skills and they are fundamental in our approach to business and to research. Indeed my journey into A.I. started with chess, because it challenged me to think about how we think.

I am therefore very proud to support the concept of learning chess in schools, particularly the work of Chess in Schools and Communities. Furthermore, I would encourage children to explore widely, find their passion and focus on learning how to learn."