ChessKid for Schools

Chess in Schools and Communities is delighted to offer all UK primary schools discounted gold memberships of ChessKid.

ChessKid is an online chess learning and playing zone designed for ages 5-11. Your pupils who have no prior knowledge of chess will be able to learn how to play the game. Those pupils who already know how to play will be able to develop their skills and challenge their friends, while tracking their improvement. Children with Gold accounts have access to instructional videos, 1000s of puzzles and tests and can play other children from all over the world.

ChessKid has been built with safeguarding in mind and has been successfully used by children in CSC’s Schools’ Programme for the past three years.


CSC has established the largest online chess club in the country: Club CSC UK. With their ChessKid accounts purchased through CSC, children will become members of this club. They will be able to compete in our daily tournaments, test their skills against our expert tutors, and follow our regular lesson suggestions. A weekly newsletter highlights the children’s achievements, contains annotations of the best games, and offers additional tips to help your children improve their play.

To find out more, please read our guide ChessKid for Schools and complete the form below.

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If you are from a school that is interested in securing chess lessons or chess support during ordinary school time please click here.