Chess is a powerful educational intervention, but that doesn't mean that it has to stop at the classroom door. Our mission is to make chess available to everyone regardless of their circumstances, and we work with communities throughout the UK to ensure that everyone can benefit from the game, providing support such as free chess sets, training in how to teach chess and access to our curriculum and other teaching materials.

  • Chess is an ideal match with the quiet contemplation of the library, and there is a growing network of clubs nationwide.
  • There is growing interest in the benefits of chess for senior citizens, since it can be deployed not just to keep cognitive abilities active but to tackle the growing social problem of loneliness.
  • As a game which rewards foreseeing the consequences of one's actions, there is great potential for chess in prisons.
  • Children who don't attend a chess-playing school can still benefit from the many junior clubs across the country - see our directory.