27 October 2018 - Aayan Ismail [pictured], the winner of last year's Grand Prix, extended his lead this year, scoring 5/5 in today's second round, held at Beckton Library. Aayan had a scare in round two against Kelvin Sermaxhaj, a pawn down going into a rook-and-pawn endgame - but his technique told. Kelvin, last year's bronze medallist, beat Joshua John - the 16/17 champion - in the following round, but lost in the last round loss to newcomer Abhimanyu Tiwari, who finished second.

Other prize winners:

Third place: Joshua John, 4;
top-placed 11 year old: Kelvin Sermaxhaj, 3;
top-placed nine year old: Vivian Obi, 4;
top-placed eight year old, Sam Sundar, 3;
top-placed under eight, Katam Balaggan, 2;

The third round of the Grand Prix is on Saturday 24 November. Go here for more details and to register.