CSC – Secondary School Provision

If you are looking to develop chess activities at a secondary school, CSC can help. We have a network of trained tutors who can run a chess club or deliver enrichment lessons in your school. Our lessons assume no prior knowledge of chess and are suitable for children of all abilities. In secondary schools, lessons are usually delivered in Year 7 or 8. They normally take place on the school premises but, where Covid-19 restrictions prevent this, can also be provided online, through remote delivery or via ChessKid. Alternatively, in some cases, we can provide free equipment (state schools only), resources, advice, and training for you to run your own chess activities in school. We can offer access to tournaments against other schools, both locally and across the country. Schools in our programme are given priority booking to the Schools' Festival at the London Chess Classic held each December at Kensington Olympia, London. 

You can learn more about the competition here.

What can CSC offer your school?

  • Chess clubs. CSC can help establish a chess club at your school, either at lunchtime or after school. We can do this in conjunction with lessons or on a stand-alone basis.
  • Chess lessons. CSC can also deliver or support chess lessons at your school. Our lessons are typically 45-60 minutes long and follow our CSC Curriculum: 30 sessions taking students from complete beginners to proficient chess players over the course of a year. Each lesson consists of a range of activities: formal teaching, written exercises, and mini-games. Lessons can take place onsite or remotely via an online platform.
  • ChessKid. CSC has significant discounts available for Gold ChessKid accounts. Schools can use these to help children develop their chess skills in their own time and at their own pace. CSC can provide a tutor to review progress, run tournaments and competitions, and make regular lesson recommendations.
  • Chess tutors. CSC has over 100 tutors working in schools across the country every week. All our tutors have excellent subject knowledge and have been trained to deliver the CSC Curriculum in schools. Our tutors have enhanced DBS certificates and undergo regular safeguarding training.
  • Staff training. CSC holds regular training. These cover our curriculum, techniques for teaching chess, and ideas for running a school club. The course is designed for teachers and teaching assistants who either want to support a CSC tutor, or to run their own chess activities at their school.
  • Equipment and resources. CSC will provide chess sets and boards for any state school interested in establishing lessons or a club as part of their timetable.
  • Other chess opportunities. Schools in our programme are given priority booking to the Schools’ Festival at the London Chess Classic held each December at Olympia, London. CSC schools also have the opportunity take part in annual tournaments organised by the charity in each area in which we are active. These take place in the summer term.