Covid-Secure Chess

CSC Schools’ Programme

Our Schools’ Programme resumed in September 2020, with an offering that has been adapted to ensure lessons can be delivered in a Covid-secure manner. We have developed a range of options to suit each school’s needs. Our provision is flexible: schools can switch between on-site and online lessons as circumstances change. These changes have enabled us to continue to deliver chess lessons in over 140 schools across the country every week.

On-site delivery

Where schools are able to receive visitors, our lessons are being delivered on-site by our network of experienced CSC tutors. We have implemented a number of additional measures to ensure the safety of the school and our tutors:

  • Lending additional chess equipment to schools so that pupils can have a board and a set of pieces each. Children can play their games in parallel, copying their opponent’s moves onto their own board.
  • Cleaning sets between chess lessons.
  • Setting up free basic ChessKid accounts for the pupils so they can play each other online, either during the lesson or at other times, thus removing the need for boards and pieces.
  • Training our tutors in delivering chess lessons in a Covid-secure manner.

Our lessons and tutors are primarily guided by local safety procedures set by each school. Our risk assessment for delivery of chess lessons is available here. Where schools have additional requirements, we will do our best to accommodate those.

Online delivery

Schools that are unable to receive visiting tutors can opt for online lessons. These are delivered via Zoom or similar platforms and follow the CSC Curriculum as usual. CSC will lend additional chess sets to the school, as above, and can also provide basic ChessKid accounts where required. Our tutors have received additional training to ensure online lessons provide the same benefits to our schools as our standard delivery. We do require a member of school staff to actively manage the lessons in the classroom and will support that member of staff with lesson plans and training where necessary.

Chess Clubs

Many schools are finding chess clubs difficult to accommodate due to the mixing of year groups. As an alternative, CSC can offer an online chess club through ChessKid. Rather than being at a fixed time, children work at their chess in their own time and at their own pace through their Gold ChessKid accounts. Our tutors can offer advice, review progress, organise tournaments and other competitions, and recommend regular lessons.

Community Chess

While many of our schools have resumed lessons, community events including library clubs are more difficult due to Covid-19 restrictions. If you are interested in establishing chess activities, our online lessons or ChessKid clubs may be suitable. CSC will be happy to work with your organisation to develop a provision to suit your needs. Please contact us here.