Turning the Tables

We know what it is like…

Home Schooling is a very noble and essential part of the day during the current emergency. The timetables created for the first week looked great and worked well. Everyone got up early and announced their intention to stick to the routine, come what may. Maths, English, Science, History all featured heavily and there was even scope for PE, albeit just once a day, under the current restrictions. If the shouting from the neighbours was an accurate portrayal of events then we can safely say RE was not forgotten either.

By the second week the strain is already starting to show. The timetable slips; nobody is up at 7.30 a.m. to start their Maths lessons any more. Everyone is distracted, concentrating on when the next plate of food will be arriving or whose turn it is with the toilet roll.

Week three arrives and the children have had enough of enforced learning. The Maths is too difficult, especially all that stuff about finding the area of a triangle, nobody in the house knows what a fronted adverbial is and as for the Y7 work on the human reproductive system…well…!

Fortunately, parents have reached that critical moment of rapidly declining interest too. The only people still getting up early are the ones who want to hide the pasta.Thoughts turn from core curriculum subjects to more serious matters, such as when will Eastenders start filming again, do takeaway establishments still deliver quickly and how long will it be before childminders can enter the house once more? Education takes a nap…and let’s face it, we wouldn’t know a concrete noun if we fell over it.

We know what it is like…we work in schools!

Help is at hand! It is time to turn the tables. Tired of trying to teach your children?

Let your children teach YOU!

Every week we deliver chess lessons to full classes in over 300 UK schools. I could tell you how many children that we reach, but who wants another Maths lesson at the moment?

Here’s the idea…let your children teach you how to play chess!

Allow the children to demonstrate to you the names and moves of the six individual pieces. They will teach you how to play our mini-games. You will end up hoping the emergency will last long enough for you to beat your little superstars at chess before normality is restored. We have a lot of new and exciting projects in the pipeline to help you succeed!

Yes, we guarantee we can offer all of the assistance you could ever need. All you have to do is stay tuned…

Sean Marsh