The first round of the CSC Junior Grand Prix took place on Saturday 23rd September at UCL Academy in north London. The first of a new series of tournaments organised by CSC, the event saw over 100 junior chess players competing in five sections: U8, U10, U12, U14, and U18. Entry was free to all competitors and open to any child with ECF Junior Silver Membership (first year provided free by the ECF). 

After six hard-fought rounds, trophies were awarded to the winners alongside a total of £1,000 in vouchers that can be used for coaching sessions. The prize-winners were also awarded points that count towards the overall CSC Junior Grand Prix competition.

The next two events will also be held at UCL Academy on Sunday 15th October and Sunday 12th November. For more details and to enter, please click here

Congratulations to our prize-winners from Round One:

  • U8: 1st - Muiz Ul Meeran Mohamed Nasrudeen Meeran, 2nd - Brandon Phung, 3rd - Furion Kapitanski, Girls' trophy - Charlotte Oudet
  • U10: 1st - Matthew Helsby, 2nd - Varshyth Vinoth, 3rd - Richard Kulibaev, Girls' trophy - Lisa Schlachow
  • U12: 1st - Krish Keshari 2nd - Makar Hrytsenko, 3rd - Armaan Nilim, Girls' trophy - Ananya Patel
  • U14: 1st - Alexandr Pereslavtsev, 2nd - Maya Keen, 3rd - Leon Railhac, Girls' trophy - Maya Keen
  • U18: 1st - Stus Orest, 2nd - Anton Kostornichenko, 3rd - Andrei Laza, Girls' trophy - Polina Popovtseva