Laurie Shulman writes about what her chess club is doing for those in her school with special needs.
"The students (aged 16 - 24) in the School of Personalised learning  have some form of learning difficulty or disability, SEMH or behavioural need. I am delighted that the group doubled in size after Christmas when students were allowed to change options! All students from last term continued and they  enlisted a lot of their friends to join them. We have a visually impaired student for whom we have purchased  a chess set from the RNIB, which has been fantastic to see him truly included in his peers’ activities.  The principal of the college dropped into the class the other day and was extremely impressed with what was going on. 

Your resources have been very useful.  For some students we have used some of the simpler games such as Fox and Hounds and the Pawn game. It has been fantastic to see the students engage and thoroughly enjoy the game. We have Learning Support Staff learning the game alongside the students so the students love the challenge of beating staff!"