26 March 2018 – Big well done to St Joachim's Primary, who won this year's Ellen Wilkinson primary school invitational tournament.

Nii Tettey Amasa-Attram from St Joachim was the individual winner with 5/5. His team-mates Otigbo, Laurelle Asare and Anwulikaego Obi were each the highest scorers for their age.

The top scorer for the hosts, Ellen Wilkinson, was Kayaan Shah with 4/5. Gallion's star performer was Mark Hodovanets, who scored 3½/5. Top scorers for the other two schools, Gallions and Grangewood's, were Cherry Wu and Raghav Dash respectively – both 3/5.

The tournament comprised 27 players competing over five rounds.

Final scores:

St Joachim's - 16½

Ellen Wilkinson - 13

Gallions – 11

Calverton – 9

Grangewood – 8½


St Joachim's wins again

26 April 2018 - St Joachim's today won an invitational tournament at St Anne's in Custom House.

The format was an all-play-all between eight eight-player teams. St Joachim's won five matches, drawing  with Gallions, who finished second, and St Helen's.

This follows the school's success at Ellen Wilkinson last month.

Alex Bruckshaw, Gallions' board two, was the only player to score 7/7.

The tournament was organised by Jerzy Dybowski, a World Chess Federation master and a tutor with Chess in Schools & Communities

Final Scores:
St Joachim's 12
Gallions 11
Calverton 10
Rosetta 9
St Helen's 8
Ravenscroft 4
Vicarage 2
Park 0