Paul McCarthy has been leading the chess club in his local Lincolnshire primary school, chess equipment donated by CSC have been put to excellent use and there is strong demand for chess.

Every term the list to join chess club is full, the classroom is packed. The chess club has time for play, for chess lessons and a ladder leaderboard that strikes a healthy spirit of competition. 
"Every term we have over 30 children apply to join, so inevitably a few go onto the waiting list - the classrooms only hold 30! I try to make sure the unsuccessful ones get in next time. We aim to teach 6 complete beginners, and the remaining children have a structured session comprising 10 - 15 minutes interactive teaching, followed by the popular ladder competition.

The club is fortunate to have a retired primary school chess teacher who helps out, having many years of experience running chess clubs their belt. 

The club competes in all the Lincolnshire Schools Chess Association tournaments, Notable this year were two of our children who did well in one of the Gigafinals, and we also had the county under-9 champion. Our head teacher is very supportive, and allows me to run a school tournament during the school day, with a trophy provided for the winner.