St Margaret’s held its CSC school tournament on Wednesday 12th July. Players from four year groups (Y3/Y4/Y5 &Y6), at the school were invited to the tournament. 

Some other after-school activities took their toll on the invitees - can you believe it; some children would rather play football and Cricket outside than chess inside during July. The tournament started at 15:00 and finished at 17:45, with the children playing 5 rounds of really good chess. Rasheeka, who had won the 2 previous St Margaret’s championships, had a tough battle on her hands this year. This year she finished joint 1st place with Zogie from Y5.

 The gold, silver and bronze medal places were:

1st Rasheeka Y6 13 points from 15; Zogie Y5 

2nd Tobi Y3 12 points; Arnold Y6; Nathaniel Y6

3rd Marjorie Y3 11 points; Ella Y4; Grace Y4; Chinameze Y5; Lydia Y5

The top 3 places were hotly contested with 2 points covering the top 10 players. The Headteacher gave out medals at prize giving.


Richard Harding