Brentwood Prep school in Brentwood Essex had held a year 5 event every year up to the national lockdown of 2020, the 2022 edition took place on Friday March 11th.

The event for year 5 children involves fee paying prep schools, and the sports involved  are football,netball and chess.

The chess event traditionally has seen 8 prep schools participating,but this year the first year 5 event since lockdown, that changed.

Thanks to a partnership between CSC and Brentwood school,(the secondary school sister to Brentwood prep),Brentwood school generously part funds chess at St Mary’s, a state school in Shenfield Essex.St Mary’s were invited to send a chess team to the year 5 event and to enjoy the experience 

The tournament was split into two all-play-all groupsof four schools each with the top two teams from each group playing in a mini group and two teams qualifying for the final.

Matches were contested over five boards.

In the group stage matches St Mary’s only dropped one point out of 15 and kept winning, and won the final 4½-½͗.The St Mary’s team scored a remarkable 26½ / 30