Andy Smith (Deputy Head Teacher)

We introduced chess to support our mathematics approach at Shaftesbury Park Primary School. Chess helps the children to think logically and plan strategy through visualising their moves and responding to the moves of their opponent. This has supported their problem solving and reasoning strategies in maths lessons as they are better able to think around a problem and use a range of approaches to solve it. It has also impacted upon their concentration and focus in lessons as they enjoy competing in friendly silence.

Maria (CSC Tutor)

For me, CSC chess classes provide varied and interesting rewarding work. Mind sports provide many of the same developmental benefits to children as physical sports, but have traditionally not been nearly as widely available. It is great to be part of an organisation which is changing that, making high quality chess tuition available and affordable for state schools. At the start of the course most children are complete beginners; by the end, many have developed a real fascination with the game, and have also improved skills such as concentration and how to win and lose with grace. It is also great to see how much fun they have along the way.

Amber (Pupil)

Chess builds up a range of techniques, it is fun and helps us learn. I enjoy playing the friendly competitions as you get to play against a range of people. It helps with my maths as it challenges me to think ahead and plan my strategies using numbers. Maths and chess all link together.